What image, sound bite, or experience will convey the heart of your message?

We will help you distill your message, target your audience, set the stage and shine a light on your story — growing understanding and inspiring action in your audience.


Whether you aim to host:

  • an outdoor rally for 30,000 or a private dinner for 300
  • a small town festival or a state-wide education effort
  • a diplomatic press event or a kids’ concert
  • a film premiere, a campaign fundraiser, a convention or something totally new…

Ullsvik & Associates has experience with planning, promoting and producing projects and media of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

We are consultants who can lead, partner or support a client depending on what is needed. We understand the importance of clarifying roles, creating a clear structure, and open communication so that not only the result is positive, but the working experience is as well. IMG_026810

We have worked with budgets of all scales. Whether you are a corporation who wants to host an elegant gala covered in the society pages, a non-profit looking to re-tool your annual fundraising picnic or a family seeking musical and program guidance for your intimate ceremony, Ullsvik & Associates, LLC welcomes the opportunity to support you.

During the initial consultation we would discuss what level of support your circumstance requires and what your budget will allow. Then we will propose creative options of how we can help you realize your vision, your goal with organization, meaning and polish.

Our support could help you:

  • grow awareness of your cause, event or candidate
  • plan, produce and execute your: conference, ceremony or campaign
  • develop your branding, communications and outreach schedule
  • connect you with professional partners to expedite the work you need
  • recruit / train / manage the team necessary to fulfill the project
  • creatively problem-solve through challenges as they arise
  • integrate music, venue visuals, menu and program into a meaningful, focused event

~ Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A special service of ours: floral purchasing and design.



How can we help bring organization, beauty, meaning, and polish to your event, campaign or initiative?

We are lucky to have worked with some wonderful clients doing excellent things in the world; see more of how we supported them, as we could you.


Ask us about other special services we provide:

  • Photography guidance
  • Content editing
  • Design decor acquisition